Services - Overview

Selecting a security services provider in a crowded marketplace can be a challenging and frustrating proposition. Over the last decade there has been an ever increasing array of so called technical specialists that seek to assist organisations in securing their digital assets. Sadly many of the specialist companies present in the marketplace fail to recognise a very simple fact - when it comes to the security (or otherwise) of an enterprise network, this exists in one of two distinct states: operable or inoperable. The successful and secure continuity of business operations is essential to the financial viability of any enterprise. Xiphos Research are specialists in not only assisting our clients in understanding and combating a range of sophisticated digital threats, but ensuring that business continuity is maintained consistently.

Xiphos Research offers a range of security services to our clients that allow them to easily understand the threat landscape and take practical counter-measures. We pride ourselves on providing timely and appropriate advice, and are steadfast in our resolve to provide services that deliver a cost effective means of combating current and emerging digital threats.

At Xiphos Research we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of security vulnerability research, and this deep knowledge is integrated not only into our product set but forms an essential element of our client services.

Our service offerings allow our clients to:

  • Rapidly determine threat exposures
  • Safeguard business assets
  • Reduce liability and attack surfaces
  • Keep current with latest threat intelligence and reputational analysis
  • Provide assurance and compliance
  • Enhance credibility and customer confidence
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Increase organisational awareness and knowledge