Physical Security Testing

Many security consulting providers are happy to solely focus upon technical risk. Although this doubtless is an essential element in any organisation improving their security posture, at Xiphos Research we ardently believe that the physical security of facilities and properties is a critical aspect of both business continuity planning and information security. Xiphos Research address this requirement with a skilled and expert team that blend real world experience and expertise to focus upon allowing our client base to develop effective physical security protections.

During a physical security test, Xiphos consultants perform inspections of both facilities and operations. Unlike many of our competitors that offer additional services (at extra cost) for covert assessment, this is included as standard as part of the XRL physical security assessment process. In addition to conducting overt site inspections, policy reviews, and interviews with key personnel to discover deviations from best practice and organisation security policy sets, Xiphos Research offer as standard, covert inspection of premises and protection mechanisms. Our physical security assessment offering encompasses covert techniques such as pretext entry, electronic signal sweeping, long range surveillance, security systems bypass, and other methods. Simply put, we can be as overt or as covert as our clients require at one fixed cost price.

For additional details about the range of physical security testing services offered by Xiphos Research, and how we can assist you further, contact us.