Careers @ XRL

Xiphos Research is a privately held and 100% employee owned technical innovator seeking free thinkers, tinkerers, and goal driven artist programmers. We are not the average security company, and as such we don't expect to employ the average employee. We are dynamic, driven, and professional, and pride ourselves on our integrity. We cannot and will not employ you if all you can do is run automated software. The founders established XRL as a refuge against the stupid inefficiencies and petty tyrannies of the corporate world. Although we fully understand that there are times when wearing a suit is vital, we don't particularly trust the suit (as it can often be used to disguise a multitude of sins such as a lack of imagination, personality, and inventive thinking). We're looking for a few good misfits to join us in fulfilling our ambitious plans and exciting future developments. We can't promise potential employees "normal", but we can promise one hell of a ride.

If you think our values might fit with yours, we welcome your interest in us. Below, find a list of current open vacancies. If you can't see anything relevant, drop us a line and explain why we need to hire you regardless. Please note; direct applicants only, recruitment agency applications will only serve to find a warm spot in our spam folders

To apply for a specific position, contact us with your CV or resume, and a relevant covering letter. Alternatively if you think you have the passion and the skills, drop us a line for a chat.

Current Vacancies