Balestra from Xiphos Research provides a unique solution for the provision of security services for small to medium size enterprise customers. Balestra provides a mechanism for providing comprehensive and regulated security testing ideal for those organisations that do not have the internal capabilities to accomplish such, or that require third party assurance. Unlike a number of competing products that utilise widely available security assessment applications, Balestra provides a truly scalable and unique mechanism to ensure compliance with external policy requirements, and gain a rapid increase in security posture. Balestra has a number of distinct features:

  • Remote management of security audit and assessment activities governed by strict access controls
  • Best of breed software (including proprietary exploitation and assessment applications)
  • Provision of detailed threat and vulnerability data and full technical remediation guidance
  • No limits on volume and regularity of assessments in flat pricing structure
  • Sophisticated assessments conducted by a trusted and experienced third party
  • Easy to understand pricing and risk reporting
  • Scalable to suit most environments
  • Choice of OS (RedHat Enterprise, OpenBSD, or proprietary) and management interface
  • Named and accessible technical support staff

By integrating the Balestra managed service with customer processes, Xiphos Research allows our clients to make informed decisions about risk based upon sound and proven security advice, without the need to invest in specialised internal resources.

For more details about the features and benefits of Balestra, or to discuss your requirements in more details, contact us.