Who We Are

Xiphos Research are a new kind of security company. Although we pride ourselves on delivering scalable consulting services to enterprises we are equally committed to the development and delivery of ground-breaking and innovative software solutions to address the information security needs of global organisations. XRL was born from a very real and palpable sense of frustration with the existing way things get done in the security industry space. We deliver software and services that are relevant, reliable, and assist our clients in developing the skills necessary to combat an increasing level of sophistication amongst attackers. We believe the age of 'consultants' running automated applications, and organisations struggling to develop their own defences are rapidly coming to an end. Our technology solutions are truly innovative, and their use enables our client base to make informed decisions about their security readiness and posture in a highly efficient and cost effective manner.

  • Highly experienced and dedicated consultants (over 10 years experience is the norm)
  • Proven and reliable methodologies that are responsive to client needs
  • A cost effective approach to consulting services to match budget and risk approach
  • Continuous management of projects ensures no need to repeatedly explain your estate
  • Committed to the delivery of world class services and solutions
  • Security is all we do